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The Art of Baking Cakes is a labour of Love....

Our story !

Our Journey....

We are two friends who began our baking journey over 12 years ago. What started as an employment opportunity at one of the country’s finest Cake Makers – Fiona Cairns Ltd, turned into a real passion and a life long career for Rushin & Bhavya. It is here, where we developed our skills in the art of baking fine and indulgent delicacies. Both of us are experienced bakers and have overseen all aspects of the bakery sector – from baking royal wedding cakes to managing the business at a production and an operational level.
Close Up Sponge Cake

Our Mission....

We strive to make our customers smile with our creations. We value and cherish the trust placed in us by our customer’s to create beautiful cakes and to be an integral part of those special days of their lives. From incorporating quality natural ingredients to employing skilled artisan bakers and cake decorators, is what truly makes our products great tasting and unique. 
Honey Spoon - Our Story
Mixer Bowl - Our Story

Our Bakery....

The Cake and Spoon are a small bakery established in the heart of Leicester City, near popular De Montfort University. We specialise in developing unique Cake recipes, and they’re as delicious as they are beautiful. As ever, we aim to follow diligent and strict hygiene standards to ensure our bakery and our products are safe for everyone to enjoy.
Tropical Fruits - Our Story

Our Ingredients....

Our finest Ingredients – coupled with our Baker’s expertise, is what makes our Cakes taste wonderful. We go to great lengths to source our Ingredients – from finest ‘Belgian’ chocolates to ‘Made in UK’ natural flavourings. Where possible we always source locally. But at the same time we don’t deny ourselves the pleasure of exploring and incorporating some of the world’s finest Ingredients – ‘Turkish’ Sultanas & Raisins, ‘French’ Cherries & Brandy, ‘Indian’ Spices, ‘Greek’ Currants, ‘Californian’ Almonds to name a few. After all we do live in a global society!

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